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With the rising cost of fuel, clean diesel initiatives for a 'greener' environment and the passing of no-idle regulations, over-the-road drivers are left with no choice but to install an idle reduction system.

The Sleeping Well system from Indel B may be the answer to your idle reduction needs.

The Sleeping Well system from Indel B is the first worldwide battery powered electric air conditioning system that independently functions with the engine turned OFF.  It's quick, simple installation, intelligent design and zero maintenance makes it the perfect idle reduction system that provides driver comfort, efficiency and safety.

With 3 systems to choose from, you're certain to find a system that best fits your application.


With the BEST No-Idle Evaporator in the industry, the new & improved three-piece SW Arctic Plus includes (previously Sleeping Well Arctic 2000):

  • New Compressor Box with Integrated Cooling System
  • New System Control/Display with "Option" button (Holds compressor at low speed to extend system operating time and battery life)
  • New Condenser
  • On-Board System Diagnostics (Fault codes on controller display)
  • Upgraded System Wiring and Connectors


Sleeping Well Arctic 2000, Arctic 1000 and Oblo have been added to the
EPA Smartway Verified Technology list.

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CARB now has regulation that allows for use of battery-powered APS's to reduce idling emissions.

Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Section 2485(c)(3)(c) "exempts battery-powered auxiliary power systems from the requirements to obtain advance Executive Officer approval."

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